“Beginning in my childhood, I can remember preferring to be outside, building something or working in the dirt with my hands. If my family couldn’t find me inside, they would immediately look to our backyard, on the banks of the Red River.” -Rob Beach, Beach Built, LLC
Rob Beach - Beach Built Construction
Rob Beach, a design-builder and visual artist born and raised in Clarksville, TN, is the mind behind Beach Built Construction. Drawing from a rich appreciation for folk art, innovation in architecture, and classical gardens, Rob leaves his unique and thoughtful perspective on each of his construction projects.

Rob’s approach is due in great part to his diverse education. Throughout his young adulthood, he apprenticed on residential builds, as well as several multi-million dollar commercial projects. After graduating with honors from the top ranked environmental landscape design school at The University of Georgia, Rob returned to Middle TN to build and remodel homes while drawing inspiration from the Tennessee Highland Rim, rich in its agrarian roots.

Other notable artists from whom Rob draws a deep admiration and appreciation include, Renzo Piano, Maya Lin, Frederick Law Olmsted, as well as regional artists and designers Page Duke Landscape Architects, and McAlpine Tankersley Architecture.